5G RuralDorset Legacy Workshop

During January and February this year the 5G RuralDorset team, project partners and wider stakeholders ran workshops to establish what legacy the project could leave. The resulting report published here, outlines how use cases might be stacked and provides a number of options for next steps ranging from extending the existing 5G RuralDorset project, to a wider local and regional roll out or a more ambitions national rollout.

Neutral Host: Security & Privacy

In this report, we explore the requirements and expectations for security in mobile networks, how this is delivered through standard deployment architectures, and the threats faced by mobile operators today.

Digital Skills and University Students

The digital skills shortage has repeatedly been identified as a fundamental issue within the tech sector and beyond. There is a significant need for action to be taken to address the situation, and it is not solely the role of education providers to offer skills development opportunities. Instead, a significant contribution can be made by the tech sector, especially Research and Development (R&D) projects like 5G RuralDorset.

Neutral Host: Business Study

This report builds upon the technical challenges discussed in our previous paper, Neutral Host: Spectrum, and focuses on the commercial viability, opportunities and considerations for potential rural Neutral Host providers.

Neutral Host: NH Demonstration

This document sets out the implications and the interworking of the successful NH trials that took place in September 2021, using the 5G Standalone (5G SA) trial network along the Dorset coastline.

Neutral Host: Spectrum

The term “Neutral Hosting,” to coin a phrase, “does what is says on the tin.” A neutral party hosts a resource that is then shared out between those who wish to use it. This paper seeks to break down the complex topic into more digestible building blocks.

Neutral Host: Architectures

The mobile Neutral Host Network (NHN) is 3rd-party cellular network providing wholesale,
commercial mobile coverage solutions – typically on a localised basis – to national Mobile
Network Operators (MNOs) or other Communications Service Providers (CSPs).