Low cost rural connectivity solutions

At the 5G Innovation Accelerator we will be looking at a number of cost saving use cases including the use of pre-existing infrastructure to support mobile network operators in delivering 5G to rural areas.


Product / service developer

In collaboration with the MoD and Vodafone we are building an indoor 5G network. This exciting new collaboration is part of the wider Defence Innovation Centre development on the Innovation Park site. This will enable and equip small, agile tech companies to work alongside the MoD in a way which has traditionally been reserved for larger organisations with prohibitive security clearance requirements. The benefit of this will be the rapid prototyping and development of new and exciting 5G applications to address defence and security challenges whilst growing high value skills in enhanced mobile connectivity for people in Dorset.

Qinetiq Malvern Laser

5G Test Range

Alongside the indoor 5G network will be an outdoor 5G range and testbed for evaluating 5G against 4G LTE, NB-IoT and other bearers ‘in the wild’ and away from the laboratory but on a secure site. The Innovation Park site is large and secure so it is ideal for use by government and commercial organisations who can demonstrate new technologies, security and resilience testing solutions as well as 5G modem and network segmentation evaluations and exploring 5G applications in autonomous vehicles.