About 5G RuralDorset

Discovering how rural communities can benefit from next generation mobile connectivity


We believe that people living in rural communities like Dorset need and deserve access to the benefits of next generation connectivity just as much as those living in the towns and cities.  In the past, it has been very challenging for network operators to serve rural places like Dorset with our smaller population and beautiful, but challenging environment.

By showing new ways of deploying mobile connectivity, the uses of 5G and the potential demand in rural communities, we will support the UK 5G market to speed up its ability to serve places like rural Dorset.

Using new strategies and technology, including some world firsts, we have developed innovative technical approaches to bring connectivity to challenging environments like Dorset’s UNESCO-designated world heritage coastline and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

We have used existing infrastructure – like masts, fibre and buildings – wherever possible to minimise the impact on the landscape, speed up and reduce the cost of deploying 5G.



5G RuralDorset is a consortium led by Dorset Council and includes local, national and international partners. The project is part-funded (£4.8 million) by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and is part of its 5G Rural Testbed & Trials programme. The remainder of the funding is provided by private investment and by Dorset Council.


Beginning in March 2020 the project was set to run for 2 years but, due to project extensions and extra funding from Government, it is now due to end in September 2022. During this time we have produced use cases that will help show how 5G connectivity can transform rural communities and businesses.