Launching the AssetHub

Over many years this has been an idea, a concept that I knew the industry needed, but perhaps the timing wasn’t right. During my time at Network Rail Telecom looking at asset commercialisation, I was able to test the thinking, technology and processes in a real-world environment, and demonstrate that the concept worked.

Diversity in 5G

This blogpost approaches 5G upstream, to consider how the technology is already embedded in society via those who design, develop, and deploy 5G, and what can be done to make the sector more diverse.

Interview: Do councils have a role to play in 5G rollouts?

Local authorities have always played a role in the deployment of mobile technologies, but they have only recently started exploring what they could do as spectrum holders. Collaboration lead for 5G RuralDorset, Dave Happy, recently spoke to Policy Tracker about provision of mobile services in rural areas.