Lulworth first responders use new 5G technology

Emergency services will be able to respond faster to casualties in need as they are ‘brought into the 21st century’ with new 5G connectivity.

Lulworth First Responders – volunteers with South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) – are working with technology and connectivity partner Excelerate Technology to benefit from 5G capabilities and better respond to patients.

The technology company has announced it will fit the Lulworth First Responders’ vehicle with a router and Excell, its cellular optimisation product. This will allow the first responder team to connect to the new 5G network infrastructure that was installed in Dorset in May, thanks to £8m of funding from Dorset Council, industry partners and the Department for Digital, Media and Sport.

The router will allow for the transfer of critical data between Lulworth First Responder devices and SWASFT teams, along with other off-site locations that may support their response to patients.

In the past, Lulworth First Responders have struggled with poor cellular connectivity in parts of the county and bosses hope that this new technology will improve their ability to respond quickly to emergencies.


Stephen Pack MBE of the Lulworth First Responders said:

We are excited to be given this fantastic opportunity to try the latest communications technology in the Lulworth area.

Up to now we have struggled at times with poor cellular connectivity in certain parts of the community we serve as voluntary community first responders.

The trial of this equipment will bring us into the 21st century. We thank Excelerate Technology and SWASFT for allowing this to happen.”


Bethan Evans, operations director at Excelerate Technology said:

Excelerate Technology is leading a consortium of partners on the delivery of 5G RuralDorset’s Connected Coast element, to prove the benefits of next generation connectivity to rural communities.

For two decades, we have been developing technology to aid the healthcare sector and ambulance services in improving patient outcomes, and we’re excited about many features in the 5G RuralDorset project that aim to improve public safety for the people of Dorset.”


Matt Warman, minister for digital infrastructure, said:

5G is not just about having a faster mobile phone – the technology also has the potential to transform our public services.

“We are funding an innovative project in Dorset to equip Lulworth’s ambulance service with 5G so we can improve the way our NHS first responders get the information they need in emergencies and help save lives.”